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Looking back

Cuz my computer saves convos and cuz I love my little one I have 3 very amuseing conversations....... there are a whole lot MORE on my computer, I don't even know if I picked the best, but it is ok because I love my Midg


Meg81783: she is not responding
Meg81783: grrrrrr
Meg81783: she not responding
Meg81783: grrrrrrrrr
Meg81783: i said that
Meg81783: i said that
Meg81783: whoa
Meg81783: whoa
Meg81783: trippy
Meg81783: trippt
Meg81783: lol
Meg81783: lol
Meg81783: LOL
Meg81783: :-)\
Midg: why are you repeating yourself?
Meg81783: i don't know
Midg: small minds... ;-)
Meg81783: fucker
ICtheatermuse: =-O
Meg81783: arg
ICtheatermuse: language missy
Meg81783: no
Meg81783: hore
ICtheatermuse: bitch
ICtheatermuse: :-P
Meg81783: slut
ICtheatermuse: whore
ICtheatermuse: George!!
Meg81783: GEORGE!!!!
ICtheatermuse: hehehe
Meg81783: you went out of order
ICtheatermuse: i win!
Meg81783: no you do noty
Meg81783: not at all
ICtheatermuse: oh sorry jorge
Meg81783: no
Meg81783: not at all
ICtheatermuse:  =-O
Meg81783: if you keep that up i am going to take you off my buddy list
ICtheatermuse: nooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Meg81783: ~i heard that used oned by a 12 yr old in a fight wiht a friend~
ICtheatermuse: i'll be good next time i promise!
And today:
Meg81783: AHHHHHHH!!!!!! My Caitlin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Midg: helllo!
Meg81783: how are you
Meg81783: how is it across the bay?
Midg: fine...a little busy and overwhelmes at times
Midg: you mean the ocean? ;-P
Meg81783: its like that over here
Meg81783: ocean sounds like you are far away
Meg81783: so it is a large bay
Midg: how's your semester going?
Meg81783: eh not bad
Meg81783: i drank this weekend
Meg81783: i was gone
Midg: hehe wish i could have seen that
Meg81783: it was amuseing
Meg81783: i'll send you a Meg piseing with alchol photo
Meg81783: when i get it
Meg81783: and you will send me photos
Midg: yes
Midg: i mailed your postcard today
Meg81783: YAY!!!!!
Meg81783: any brit boys????
Midg: not yet...ahven't really met any british people my age yet...you'd be surprised how hard it is
Meg81783: are all the middle schoolers hitting on you?
Midg: what?...uh no
Meg81783: you are their height
Midg: ha....ha...ha
Meg81783: i know you are laughing because of this
Meg81783: i know it
Midg: actually i'm holding out for prince william
Meg81783: you might not be happy laughing  but you are
Meg81783: he is a man whore
Midg: :-P
Meg81783: but hey go for it
Midg: better than harry
Meg81783: yea but isnt he too tall for you?
Midg: i'm going to see pacey in a play lol
Midg: maybe
Meg81783: I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Meg81783: take ohotos
Meg81783: photos
Midg: i can't
Meg81783: they say no flash
Midg: at least not DURING
Meg81783: but they don't say you cant flash him
Meg81783: do it for me
Midg: ok
Meg81783: sweey
Meg81783: ok i have to go to class
Meg81783: but i will talk to you at some point
Midg: k
Midg: ttfn


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