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was it written in the stars

meglet (5:06:47 PM): ptth!
meglet (5:12:06 PM): you are evil and smelly
meglet (5:12:09 PM): !
craig (5:12:15 PM): yes... i know
craig (5:12:17 PM): what's your point?
meglet (5:12:22 PM): i did not have one
meglet (5:12:32 PM): i was just stating fact
meglet (5:12:44 PM): and you did not talk to me untill i told you this information
craig (5:12:57 PM): ah
craig (5:12:58 PM): i see!
meglet (5:13:11 PM): guess who i talked to today
craig (5:13:15 PM): do tell!
meglet (5:13:24 PM): no you guess
craig (5:13:34 PM): umm, midg!
meglet (5:13:37 PM): yes!
meglet (5:13:39 PM): yay!
craig (5:13:40 PM): W00T!

i found this section of the confo amuseing
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